Lapacho comes from the Pau d'Arco tree, which grows at high altitude in the foothills of the Amazonian forest in Brazil. This very palatable infusion made from Lapacho bark sparkles with its bright hazelnut colour and slightly woody taste. The zesty flavour of the orange merges with the astringency of the hibiscus to make this theine-free beverage wonderfully revitalising.

TO STIMULATE your natural defences

Lapacho comes from the bark of a tree which grows naturally in the Amazonian forest in Brazil.
It grows at altitudes of 1,800 m and can live up to 700 years!

Lapacho is not cultivated, its bark is harvested all year round from the wild trees in the middle of the forest by small Brazilian producers.

This tree has a special status in South America, where it is known as the "sacred tree of the Incas" and even "tree of life". Lapacho bark has always been used in traditional American Indian medicine for its medicinal properties. EFSA recently published studies which scientifically validate its health benefits:

Its bark protects the cells from the damage caused by oxidation and strengthens immune defences.

The decoction from brewing this bark is exquisite and gives off woody, subtle spicy or vanilla notes.

Associated with the delicious natural flavours of orange and hibiscus, enjoy the fruity, tangy touch which reveals the gentleness of Lapacho essential oil.