rooibos, maté, lapacho, honeybush

A set of world beverages which invites you to travel and discover the lands of the world offering herbal teas with multiple benefits :

• HONEYBUSH with gentle, honey notes

• LAPACHO with fruity orange notes and the floral bouquet of hibiscus

• MATÉ with the sharp accents of peppermint softened by citron zest

• ROOIBOS with the exotic flavours of mango and passion fruit

• ROOIBOS with delicious sweet spices

• ROOIBOS with leafs of peppermint and delicate verbena

1 à 2 cc/250 ml
Infusion time
Infusion time
5 minutes
Time of the day
Time of the day
All day

ROOIBOS MANGO PASSIONFRUIT FLAVOURED . Ingredients: Rooibos* 87% (South Africa), natural flavours*.

HONEYBUSH HONEY FLAVOURED . Ingredients: honeybush* (South Africa) 90 %, natural honey flavour*. 

ROOIBOS SWEET SPECIES . Ingredients: Red Rooibos* 70% (South Africa), spices 30% (cinnamon*, ginger*, cardamom*, nutmeg*, clove powder*). *Ingredients from organic farming.

LAPACHO ORANGE HIBISCUS . Ingredients: Lapacho (Brazil) 78%, dehydrated orange* 8%, dehydrated lemon*, orange blossom petals*, natural lemon flavour*, hibiscus* 2%.

ROOIBOS VERBENA MINT . Ingredients: Rooibos* 68% (South Africa), verbena leaves* 10%, natural lemon flavour*, aniseed*, peppermint leaves*, natural mint flavour*. *Ingredients from organic farming.

MATÉ CITRON & MINT FLAVOURED. Ingredients: maté* (Brazil) 83%, peppermint 12% natural lemon flavour*, natural citrus flavour*.

*Ingredients from organic farming.