Organic World Drinks Gift Set

Let yourself be guided by intricate and startling flavours with our World Drinks Gift Set. A selection of the best natural and flavoured infusions from Brazil and South Africa to take you on an unexpected journey around the world, all in your cup of tea.

Rooibos with sweet spices of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom ● 50 g

Rooibos with mango and passion fruit flavour ● 50 g

Rooibos with fresh and exquisite notes of verbena and peppermint ● 50 g

Honeybush refined by velvety and honeyed aromas for a serene tasting ● 50 g

Maté with a powerful, vegetal aroma. Mint and citron flavour ● 40 g

Lapacho with zesty and tangy notes of orange and hibiscus ● 40 g

280 g

Infusion time
Infusion time
5 minutes
Time of the day
Time of the day
All day

ROOIBOS MANGO PASSIONFRUIT FLAVOURED . Ingredients: Rooibos* 87% (South Africa), natural flavours*.

HONEYBUSH HONEY FLAVOURED . Ingredients: honeybush* (South Africa) 90 %, natural honey flavour*. 

ROOIBOS SWEET SPECIES . Ingredients: Red Rooibos* 70% (South Africa), spices 30% (cinnamon*, ginger*, cardamom*, nutmeg*, clove powder*). *Ingredients from organic farming.

LAPACHO ORANGE HIBISCUS . Ingredients: Lapacho (Brazil) 78%, dehydrated orange* 8%, dehydrated lemon*, orange blossom petals*, natural lemon flavour*, hibiscus* 2%.

ROOIBOS VERBENA MINT . Ingredients: Rooibos* 68% (South Africa), verbena leaves* 10%, natural lemon flavour*, aniseed*, peppermint leaves*, natural mint flavour*. *Ingredients from organic farming.

MATÉ CITRON & MINT FLAVOURED. Ingredients: maté* (Brazil) 83%, peppermint 12% natural lemon flavour*, natural citrus flavour*.

*Ingredients from organic farming.