12 organic hospitality teas

Follow us on the tea road to discover our 12 organic hospitality teas. White teas from China, green tea from Japan, black tea from India and rooibos from South Africa with their fruity, spicy, deliciously floral tastes… 12 organic teas for a wonderful trip around the world…

Tea tells us a story, the story of a trip through mountains, steppes and oceans, and the story of the encounter of cultures that are worlds apart. Tea is an invitation to travel and brings men together. All over the world, tea is a gesture of friendship and hospitality.


4 samples offered from 25 €

Delivery in mainland France only

Shipped within 2 to 3 days

1 à 2 cc/250 ml
Infusion time
Infusion time
2 à 5 mn
70°C à 95°C
Time of the day
Time of the day
From morning to evening depending on the tea

Organic Peach and apricot-flavoured white tea. Ingredients: Bai Mu Dan white tea* (China) 80%, natural flavour*, natural peach flavour and other natural flavours*. Organic Russian-style black tea with citrus fruits. Ingredients: black teas (China, Ceylon)* 92.25%, natural bergamot flavour, natural lemon flavour, natural orange flavour, natural mandarine flavour, lemon peel* 1% and orange peel* 1%.

Organic gunpowder green tea with Mint leaves. Ingredients : Gunpowder green tea (China)* 60%, mint leaves* 40%.

Orange-blossom-flavoured white tea. Ingredients: Bai Mu Dan* white tea (China) 76%, natural flavours*, flower petals*.

Organic Genmaicha green tea. Ingredients: Sencha green tea* (Japan) 50%, roasted rice* (Japan) 50%. Organic black tea with cinnamon • Ingredients: black tea (Sri Lanka)* 67%, cinnamon* 32.5%, natural cinnamon flavour* 0.5%.

*Ingredient from organic farming.