Our story
Né du talent des femmes

From Haute Provence to all over the world, women grow tea plants and pick the spring buds by hand following age-old tradition, others scour the foothills of the mountains to seek out new harvests in the best organic gardens or mythical plantations.

Meanwhile, in Provence, women are dreaming up and composing delicate, refined flavours or creating recipes whose character is unique. Others are designing or filling pretty, colourful tea caddies. And last but not least, others taste the harvests and control the quality of the leaves and the flavours!

For the last 25 ans, thanks to the will of a woman and her team, terre d’Oc has been working in respect for the planet and its inhabitants and is deeply committed to a true fair trade, the best of organic and a respectful world. terre d’Oc, born of the talent of women for a little more humanitea in our everyday lives!

Meanwhile, backstage...

A team of passionate committed women grow, pick, select and create the best organic teas. From sourcing to picking, from creating recipes to flavouring teas, from quality to the artwork of the caddies, teams of women are working together and dedicating their enthusiasm to tea! Discover the tea professions which illustrate our know-how.

Our manifesto

terre d'Oc has been committed for the last 25 years to a responsible approach through large and small actions in all the stages of the product. Based on an action plan defined by 12 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), we carry out responsible purchasing, contribute to reducing our environmental impact and support organic farming. Our aim is to help to change society and thus make our teas meaningful beverages!

Family portraits

Meet the women of terre d’Oc teas; the teams in Haute-Provence, the tea growers and pickers of the world.