Organic herbal tea


An organic verbena infusion with an invigorating power, which oozes tangy and zesty aromas. Enjoy this unique and sought-after herbal tea! 100% MADE IN FRANCE organic verbena herbal tea

Did you know that?

Verbena, a plant with numerous benefits:

- Powerful antioxidant

- Helps stimulate the immune system

- Soothes female cycle pains

Verbena (Aloysia citrodora) originated in the rainforests of South America’s Chile in the 1700s, before it made its way across the continent, considered to be a miracle fever remedy. Today, verbena is variously called "lemon verbena" and its unmistakable deciduous shrub grows between 5 to 16 feet tall in places as far apart as Morocco, Kenya, China or the Mediterranean. The liquor verbena leaves produce is usually pale yellow and releases a fruity citrus scent, hence its common name, lemon verbena.