Organic teas with fruity flavours from our regions

When tea meets our beautiful French regions' flavours! Let yourself be carried away on a “Tour de France” with fruity notes!

Lemon from Menton, Mirabelle plum from Lorraine, Clementine from Corsica, Strawberry from Lot et Garonne ... Exquisite and luscious flavours that we have associated with our tea recipes for fruity and rich combinations full of joy!

The mirabelle plum from Lorraine, the clementine from Corsica or the lemon from Menton that we have introduced in our recipes, benefit from a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) which quality and reputation are linked to their geographical origin.

Organic black tea with Corsican clementine ● 40 g

Organic black tea with Menton lemon ● 35 g

Organic black tea with Lot-et-Garonne strawberry ● 40 g

Organic green tea flavoured with Lorraine mirabelle plum ● 40 g