A fine infusion of organic lemon balm with a subtle flavour that blends honey and lemon notes enjoyed with every sip! 100% MADE IN FRANCE organic lemon balm herbal tea

Did you know that?

Lemon balm, a plant with numerous benefits:

- Powerful antioxidant

- Helps reduce feelings of stress

- Promotes restful sleep

Lemon balm takes its name from the Greek melissa, meaning "the bee". In Greek mythology, Melissa was the name given to the nymph who unearthed honey and nursed Zeus' child. Deeply rooted in tradition, lemon balm was used in antiquity by the Greeks, notably by Hippocrates, and served to calm intestinal disorders. It was then introduced into France in the 9th century by Charlemagne, who drank lemon balm tea to fight insomnia, digestive problems, headaches, fever and anxiety.