Organic Honeybush is a unique, aromatic and flavourful infusion with very sweet, honeyed and slightly spicy notes. Harvested in South Africa wild mountainous regions, this drink is unmistakable by its intense orange hue. Theine and caffeine-free, this healthy and airy liquor can be enjoyed all day long.

100 g

Le Honeybush

Cet arbuste prend racine dans la région de moyenne montagne du Cedeberg au nord-ouest de l’Afrique du Sud. Il pousse dans des conditions extrêmes, sur des sols arides et acides difficiles à cultiver.

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Honeybush is a shrub which grows in the middle-mountain Cederburg region in the north-western part of South Africa. Honeybush grows in extreme conditions in arid, acidic soils which are difficult to cultivate. Its leaves and flowers give of a sweet honey fragrance, and this is what gave it its name - loosely translated as "honey-scented bush".

Its infusion is even smoother and more delicate than Rooibos.