Flavoured white tea

Bai Mu Dan (White Peony in Chinese), harvested in spring, is unique by its very dry fragrance, reminiscent of dried flowers. An inviting white tea with floral notes that releases a romantic and elegant fragrance with each sip.The fruity and airy aromas of peach and apricot refine this exquisitely sweet liquor.

As white tea is a luxury commodity, the offering of tea in China remains a gesture of pure politeness and respect towards visitors. 40 g

Bai Mu Dan (White Peony) harvested in the spring in the Province of Fujian is made up of the final bud covered in a silvery down and the two following leaves (fine harvest). Preparation only includes two operations: withering in the sun and drying. Once reserved for emperors and noblemen, the first harvest of white tea dates back to the 18th century and the Qing dynasty.

Spring water heated to 60/70°C and a brewing time of no less than 4 minutes is needed for this refined tea. Its delicate aroma of cut grass and white flowers blends beautifully with the fruity, velvety aromas of peach and apricot.