Box my pretty mints

A sweet sensation of freshness awaits you in each of its infusions characterized by a mint flavor that is very present in the mouth. A box composed only of herbal teas for all times of the day. Both when waking up to start the day in a good mood and in the evening to spend a peaceful night.

Casablanca Mint • Delicate & refreshing

Polar Mint • Sharp & icy

Mitcham Mint • Strong & rustic

Bergamot Mint • Stimulating & zesty

Ginger Mint • Fresh & spicy

Spearmint • Sweet & aromatic

Peppermint mint • Icy and Peppery

Lemon Mint • Tangy & Zesty

96 g

2 cc/250 ml
Infusion time
Infusion time
3-5 minutes
70°C à 95°C
Time of the day
Time of the day
All day

Casablanca Mint • Ingredient: CASABLANCA spearmint* (Mentha viridis and spicata).

Polar Mint • Ingredient: CHATELAIS peppermint* (Mentha piperita).

Mitcham Mint • Ingredient: MITCHAM peppermint* (Mentha piperita).

Bergamot Mint • Ingredient: Bergamot mint* (Mentha piperita var. citrata).

Ginger Mint • Ingredient: Ginger mint* (Mentha citrata var. gingembre).

Spearmint • Ingredient: COMBREE spearmint* (Mentha viridis / spicata).

Peppermint mint • Ingredient: Peppermint* (Mentha piperita).

Lemon Mint • Ingredient: LEMON mint* (Mentha citrata var. citron).