Organic Russian style black tea jelly

Deliciously fragrant, this black tea jelly infusion blends the aromas of bergamot, citron, lemon, combava, orange blossom, lime, tangerine, orange, pomelo and yuzu in joyful harmony to give life to a drink with luscious citrus notes.

270 g

85°C à 90°C
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Organic Russian style black tea jelly 10 citrus fruits flavour

Ingredients: Cane sugar*, infusion of tea (water, citrus-flavoured Russian-style tea*: black tea*, natural bergamot flavour*, natural lemon flavour*, lemon peel*, orange peel*, natural orange flavour*, natural mandarin flavour*), thickening agents (carrageenan, carob gum), natural citrus flavour*, natural bergamot flavour*, acidifier: citric acid. *Ingredient from organic farming. For 100 g of finished product: prepared with 3 g of tea and 35 g of water, total sugars content: 56 g. May contain traces of nuts and milk.