Organic Earl grey black tea

Earl Gray tea is a soft and refreshing infusion with fruity and zesty aromas of bergamot, combined with subtle flower petals. A blend imbued with elegance that can be enjoyed from morning to afternoon tea... as Agatha Christie so aptly puts it "Beni be the ritual of daily tea at 5 o'clock!" .

The little story of Earl Gray tea :

As its name suggests, Earl Gray tea is closely related to Count Gray (in English Earl Grey) and was born thanks to one of the Chinese servants of the family, who would have had the idea of ​​​​mixing delicious notes oranges and bergamot to enhance the flavor of black tea. The count, delighted with this mixture, got into the habit of tasting this delicious beverage and popularized the recipe to make Earl Gray tea one of the most consumed drinks in the world.