6 collectible caddies of organic tea

This tasting set contains a collection of 6 caddies of organic teas to set off on a discovery of tea ceremonies all over the world.

1 à 2 cc/250 ml
Infusion time
Infusion time
2 à 5 mn
70°C à 95°C
Time of the day
Time of the day
From morning to evening depending on the tea

Organic Peach and apricot-flavoured white tea. Ingredients: Bai Mu Dan white tea* (China) 80%, natural flavour*, natural peach flavour and other natural flavours*.

Organic Russian-style black tea with citrus fruits. Ingredients: black teas (China, Ceylon)* 92.25%, natural bergamot flavour, natural lemon flavour, natural orange flavour, natural mandarine flavour, lemon peel* 1% and orange peel* 1%.

Organic green Sencha Matcha tea. • Ingredients: Green Sencha* tea (Japan) 97%, Matcha green tea powder) 3%.

Organic Lotus-flavoured Darjeeling tea. Ingredients: green Darjeeling tea* Protected geographical indication (India) 91%, natural lotus flavour 4.5%, natural rose* flavour, flower petals*.

Organic green Gunpowder tea with Mint leaves. Ingredients : green Gunpowder tea (China)* 60%, mint leaves* 40%.

Organic Jasmine-scented green tea. Ingredients: Jamine flavoured green tea* 100% (China).

*Ingredients from organic farming.