Portrait of a woman picker of organic tea in Hunan (China).


« My name is Lin Xiao Ping, I'm 52 and I have been harvesting tea for 20 years. I love this work even though it's very hard because I'm lucky to live near the plantations in the village …

I pick from 5 to 8 kg of organic tea leaves per day and I drink tea every day because it is a healthy drink.

On the plantation, there's a good atmosphere and we do trainings. I sometimes do other work on the plantation, cultivating or breeding according to the needs. This work is important to me because it is my only source of income and it allows me to live decently and meet my daily needs. My 28-year old son has been able to do studies and he now has a job. When I come home un the evening, I play Mahjong with my neighbours… my dream is to have a grandson soon! »

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